Glocale Rivista molisana di storia e scienze sociali



Giorgio Palmieri

Intellectuals and regional identity
at the beginning of Twentieth century: some items

Starting from the excellent Alberto Mario Cirese’s definition of Identity like «the self image that everybody gives about himself», the article examines the regional identities’ representations providing by some intellectuals in the rich pre- First World War period, before the culture and the society of Molise fell down into a deep provincialism and involution. The analyzed authors represent a scattered region. Raffaello De Rensis asked for a “Samnite Renaissance”. Enrico Presutti complains an artful administrative structure and geographic confusion between Molise and the bordering Abruzzo e Puglie. For Igino Petrone Molise is an unaware epigone of “Samnite stock”. Masciotta, finally, linked past and present to represent the “collective soul” of Molise, composite essence, in his opinion, of his vital identity.