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Ilaria Zilli

Looking for an industrial vocation

For a large part of the last century, Molise has remained on the fringes of development in our country and not only in terms industrial development. The three “islands” of industrialisation of the region (the indiustrial hubs of Termoli-Rivolta del Re, Isernia-Pettoranello and Campobasso-Bojano) emerged only at the beginning of the seventies thanks to heavy investment by the state in infrastructure and also thanks to incentives from the Cassa per il Mezzogiorno for the establishment of new companies in the regions of Southern Italy.
However industrialisation by the state, in Molise or the rest of the South of Italy, has not been able to change significantly the entrepreneurial culture in the region nor moreover has it been able to guarantee the independent growth of local business. The example of Molise appears to be a model in this sense: that after two decades of passion for industrialisation, today its economy is divided between agriculture and the service sector, more or less advanced, whilst heavy industry has not been able to put down its roots nor create sustained periods of employment. In the face of ever clearer signs of the economic crisis in the world, perhaps the real challenge is to lead Molise away from the classic routes of development and make it a guinea pig for models of growth that not only re-establish the relationship between man and the environment, still very positive in the region, but which also increase the value of local areas making them more prominent in building their own future.