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4 Migrations

Editorial by Norberto Lombardi


Research Articles


Andreina De Clementi, Southern emigration in the second postwar period

Michele Colucci, Governments, parties, and unions: The politics of emigration

Norberto Lombardi, Molisans between transoceanic vocations and the lure of the continent

Cristiano Pesaresi, The exodus from Molise between 19952 and 1980. New destination and socio-economics impact

Oliviero Casacchia, Massimiliano Crisci, Silent mobility: Molisans on global route

Renato Marinaro, Franco Pittau, Immigration to Molise: presences, and social and occupational aspects

Sebastiano Martelli, Letterature as autogiografy: Rimanelli's writing between the two shores of the ocean

Norberto Lombardi (a cura di) ,Testimonies from elsewhere: Questions for some young school anf university graduates who left Molise durinf the last few years

Human resources, Round table conducted by Antonio Ruggieri


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